There’s no pleasing me.

I have noticed something, it really doesn’t matter if the weather is gloriously sunny outside and people are walking about in flip-flops and vest tops, or if it’s raining cats and dogs and people are sheltering, huddled in doorways amongst the cigarette butts. There’s no pleasing me. Though, I have realised why!  Simple, because I am not in Anguilla.  I just have levels of misery, my frowning and sighing have become an art form.

During the beautiful sunny days in London, speaking of which today has been absolutely wonderful, it’s not so bad at all, but it’s still not enough.

I just ache and moan that I am not swimming in the crystal clear Caribbean seas of Sint Maarten Saint Martin, or salivating at the numerous fresh sea food and tangy meat restaurants, or watching the sunsets from the beach at Little Bay, in Anguilla, but I do appreciate the weather today is more than compensating for the fact I am not there.  I also have that anxious feeling of don’t waste it – must do something with the day, because it won’t last.

On the other hand, when the days are dismal, cold and dark and the heavens open, and falling raindrops in the form of huge, heavy blobs, pound your head making visibilty from your spectacles non existent, the dream of the Caribbean continues in ernest, but with more desperation.

I frown, sigh and agree, yes, there really is no pleasing me, until I get the ticket, that is!!

My British Pastime

My husband says I always harp on about chasing the sun and dreaming of leaving his beloved England for more sandy and exotic destinations.  He also pointed out that there is something I do far more “english”, than he ever does, even though his feet are firmly planted on British soil.  Apparently, every day, whatever the temperature, come rain or shine, I constantly, throughout the day, without fail, (have I stressed this point enough) enjoy a ‘cuppa tea.’  Now I think about it, he is so right.  I enjoy copious amounts of tea and would struggle throughout the day without a cup.

I went through a phase and betrayed my beloved cuppa, and toyed with the rich aroma of the tantalizing coffee, but it just gave me a headache,

so I begged forgiveness and returned to the comforts of my cuppa.

I do believe tea definitely tastes far better in a china cup.

I am not a connoisseur of the blend.  I am not interested in drawn out conversations about the elegance and majesty of the Darjeeling, or the hues and fragrances of the fruit and herb, just the basic bag, preferably the pyramid.

So I realise, if I do ever leave the shores of Britain for the taste of the exotic, I will still hanker for the taste of the humble British teabag, now and forever!

Do not complain today!

Today was an absolutely amazing day, the sun shone all day way into the evening. Have faith, keep wishing and the sun will eventually appear.

As much as it may have been uncomfortable at times, especially when the sun’s rays were burning into the back of my neck, no matter how many times I had to wipe my brow whilst toiling in the kitchen.

I pay no heed to the continual sneezing from my family due to the high pollen count.

Do not complain today!

Weather the likes of this does not occur often in our beautiful city of London, and when it does, it is truly a wonderful place to be.

The icing on the slowly melting cake, it was also my daughter’s sports day today.  It was great seeing all the kids making every effort with grit and determination on their faces, others laughing at themselves through their lack of grit and determination on their faces, and one crying due to giving up in mid flow of her efforts and having to be consoled by her “packed lunch mum”.

If I didn’t know any better I could have been on the beautiful Caribbean Islands of Sint Maarten Saint Martin or Anguilla, the islands I am making every effort to visit with grit and determination on my face.

Sint Maarten Saint Martin


Packed Lunch Mum

I would not describe myself as a “Packed Lunch Mum.”  These mums as I call them are mums in the school playground who chat and gossip about each other, then whisper in corners comparing Timmy with Tommy and Sally with Suzy.

They natter about which child is doing what, and how much better or worse than everyone else, then rush home to watch daytime TV.

Kids are kids and will develop at their own pace and when they are ready.  Another thing, I’m not much of a playdate mum either, I like to entertain my kids real friends, not the kids of mum who wants to get rid of their little angel for a couple of hours. Believe me, after a couple of hours, I can see why.  No thanks!  So sometimes, you can get lost in the daily routine of wife and mum, just as I did yesterday “My kingdom for a bed – preferably a hammock.”  Since then, I was introduced to three new blogs, which funnily enough reminded me of who I used to be.  The first was a truly inspirational blog by a woman, wife and mother, like any other but with a true zeal and zest, with a passion to experience all life has to offer.  The next,, the blog of a very strong woman who embraces the power of womanhood and celebrates all our capabilities.  This blog reminded me of my determination to start my own business again, and whilst reading it, just pushed the desire into the forefront of my mind again.  The last, is a thoughtful blog, from a thoughtful woman, which made me stop and think for a moment in my day and ponder her questions.  I was reminded, YES – I am a wife and mother, but also a woman with a strong mind and determination, who still has a zest for life who wants to change and better my future, and the future of my family.  So, since reading these blogs,  I will take a little time for myself more often, more often and more often.

I have never have been described as the maternal one when growing up amongst my siblings.  I was always the one who wanted to travel and try new things, but when my son was born, it all changed, and was once described as “a lioness” and that was my husband,  I think that explains it all.

My kingdom for a bed – preferably a hammock!

For some reason today, I was like a woman possessed.  Rising from my warm comfortable bed (believe it or not I still have the electric blanket in place – just in case!)  I began.  I got my little madam ready for school, and packed her off with Dad on the school run, dog in tow.  Next, I opened the freezer to decide what was best for this evenings meal and thought “Hmm! a little too much frost in there” so I made a start.  I emerged frost-bitten and wishing I hadn’t done that.  I ascended the stairs to change, on my descent I picked up a sock, left by one of the kids.  Again thought “Hmm!, I’ll must give these stairs a quick sweep”  So I made a start.  When I finally reached the bottom, I placed the sock in the laundry basket and again though “Hmm!, maybe I will just wash the whites” so I made a start.  Whilst clothes were tumbling I made a bowl cereal, when I finished,  I went to place the finished cereal box into the recycle bin in the garden.  When outside, I thought “Hmm!, the sun’s out today I could make a start on taming the bushes”, so I made a start.  After three hours of unexpected toil, I emerged with scratches and sore fingers from numerous rose thorn pricks, and certainly wishing I hadn’t done that.

I showered and changed again and went to pick up little madam from the second school run of the day.  On our return, my mind turned to preparing dinner, and then realised at the start of the of the day, when rising from my slumber, looking in the freezer for tonight’s meal, I realised didn’t actually take anything out of the freezer to defrost.  Teeth clenched!!

I caught sight of the washing machine, and realised it needed unloading.  So I   made a start.  My husband returned and it was chat, chat, chat and cuddles all round and unknowingly he said “you look like a woman possessed, why bother tonight, shall we have pizza?”.  He read my mind, so I made my final start, a beeline for the phone.

Stuck in the TV soap sud mud

Isn’t it strange how I didn’t miss TV of any description when we lived in Cyprus, but here in London, I feel as though I miss out on all the neighbourhood gossip in TV soap land if I forget to watch Eastenders or Coronation Street.  We would spend many evenings sitting on the balcony watching the sunset and didn’t really care what was on Cyprus TV (even though we did have some english speaking channels).  I believe it all has to do with the weather.

Cyprus enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year, so we had more of an outdoor lifestyle. The children’s school day began at 7am and ended at 1pm, so quite often afternoons were spent enjoying fun picnics at the beach.

Garden barbeques were another favourite or tending my large vegetable patch, with various fruit and olive trees, as well as feeding our farm animals which included chickens, rabbits and our lovely baby goat Lola, who would answer “baa” whenever I, and only I, called her name.

However, we did at one stage have a particularly wet winter.  This was always welcome by the locals as the summers were always hot and dry, and fears of a drought were always the hot topic of conversation.

Anyway, as I was saying, this particular winter, we craved a little comfort and watched four, yes four, of the Harry Potter films in succession, wrapped in blankets in front of the log fire.  I have to say even though I absolutely loved the hot, sunny days on the beach and the fish meze dishes at the seaside restaurants, this memory stays with me, as a warm moment in my life.  A creature comfort!!

Ah! Amigoes Today

There are times when nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching our children enjoying each others company.  I am grateful and lucky as our kids are very close. We have two children, a teenager who seems a lot wiser beyond his years, but wouldn’t know how to boil an egg. Common sense is sometimes none of his concern, but I wouldn’t want him to change in any way.  We also have a little princess who has just reached double figures, proud of it, and will continually point it out when she wants something, but loves being cuddled when age doesn’t matter. That’s today though, so I am just going to make the most of the peace, quiet and harmony in the house.  The age difference will at some point take effect, as tomorrow is another day, another time and another matter.