I told you not to waste it!

Last week I was showing off to anyone who would listen that London was basking, now it all looks a little different.

Nelly has left the building – It ain’t getting hot in here anymore!!

We have all been enjoying boating on the Serpentine in glorious Hyde Park.

Families nibbling picnics from wicker hampers, with plump, juicy, scarlet red, sweet strawberries.

The sight of little ones on bikes and scooters, and the insistent ones begging mum and dad to buy them that much needed ice cream from the Ice Cream Van Man.

We have a predicted week of showers and a temperature drop, summer is possibly outta here.  I will continue to be hopeful, it was looking so good, what happened?  This is precisely why I always have that feeling, not to waste the day, if the sun decides to poke its head out to say “hello!”  A problem Anguilla and Sint Maarten Saint Martin do not have to worry about as much as we do on these British shores.  Fingers crossed there will be a change in the air for us all real soon.

Park Life

We discovered a lovely park close to our home today, a park I have never visited before.  I remember when we lived in Cyprus for 2 years, my husband craved greenery and would literally search for a green sanctuary to sit and relax.  Living in London it is common place to see an abundance  of foliage due to our frequent rainfall.  It was a real need for him to see luscious trees, lawned areas, and of course, Park Life!

London Park Life

As beautiful as Cyprus is, certain areas can be very dry and arid, the summers are extremely hot, so much so they sometimes suffer from hill fires in wooded and dried grass areas, and water shortages are common.


When we had a wonderful holiday in Saint Lucia visiting my family I was very pleasantly surprised how beautiful, green and lush the gorgeous Caribbean island was, this was much to my husband’s pleasure.

Saint Lucia

I feel Sint Maarten Saint Martin has a mixed combination of the two countries contrasts, green in areas and less in others.  Anguilla has less greenery but makes up for the difference with its amazing beaches.  I have a love for each of these islands for completely different reasons, which shows I am truly an island girl at heart.

London is smiling

It’s true, there is an air of general happiness here in London at the moment. This usually happens when the sun decides to visit us for generous and noticeable periods of time.

The prolonged happiness on this occasion is obviously due to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

As Londoners are not always known as the most friendliest of city dwellers, but we are more than capable of smiling, just like any other.

Our pace of life and stressful living has a bearing on our outlook of our day-to-day existence.

It is such a lovely feeling, this feeling of harmony, it’s actually how I imagine every day life would be, living in Anguilla or Sint Maarten.  I may have this view with rose-tinted glasses, but the sunshine mellows people’s general nature, and we seem to live amongst each other more peacefully when the sun smiles at us once in a while.

London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony – What a show!!

I loved it.  it was fabulous.  It’s what I would consider as a wonderful and very clever piece of theatre for the world to experience and take part in.  I welcome all nations to England, and hope you all enjoy the celebrations and games with us.  As repeated by many, I was so proud to be BRITISH!!

London 2012 Olympic Fever!!

It feels great here at the moment, London is ALIVE!!  So many people, so many nations and so much SUN!!

The London 2012 Olympics have united the world, and the world has descended upon us in preparation for our Opening Ceremony tomorrow.  London is smiling and welcoming all comers of the earth to its shores to enjoy and take part in all the celebrations.


We will be also be rooting for Anguilla born Sara Proctor, a star in the making, who smashed a 29-year-old British long jump record at the UK Athletics trials in Birmingham in June this year.

Sara Proctor

I am planning to have an Olympic evening, we will have snacks and goodies and will welcome the games in on wide-screen TV from the comfort of our armchairs, the best seats in the house.

Retail Therapy

I took my kids out shopping for the first in a long time today, and it was great because the added bonus was, of course, the sun came out to play!  32 degrees and counting. Marvellous!  Marvellous!

Times are hard globally for us all at the moment, but there was a purpose to this shopping trip to justify the spending.  My teenage son is going away on a trip and needs vital supplies, it’s a strange situation as he spends very little time away from home without us, and we have only recently let go of the reigns (a little).  With my daughter in tow, it would be impossible to not treat her to a little something also.

I am looking forward to shopping in the quaint boutiques and chic stores I’ve read so much about in Anguilla and Sint Maarten, and to round the shopping spree off with a visit to Anguilla’s own Tropical Treat Ice-Cream Store.

Walking the sunshine streets of London was really great today.  I didn’t think about the hardships or problems of life for a change, just enjoyed spending time with my kids and spending a little money.  Retail therapy has a lot to answer for.