A New Suit of Clothes

I purchased my teenage son’s first official grown up suit of clothes today, and I have to say he looked rather dashing!  Almost “James Bondesque.”

At this stage in his life things have got a little more serious.  Currently on the cards are studying A ‘levels, girls, a part-time job and holidays away from parents.  It’s a revelation!  It’s exciting watching the changes, but a lot more scary, it’s very hard to loosen the reigns, even just a little, but I am learning.

I cannot even imagine what I’d be like when the little princess pipes up and demands evenings out and high heels.  I will probably be like a woman possessed.  I am only prepared to loosen one set of reigns at a time, with a huge chunk of time before the next.  Yee Haa!!

Our Paralympians are our Heroes

The London 2012 Paralympics have begun and it is amazing to see the strength and courage of these Olympians.

They have overcome such difficulties some beyond our imagination and compete with such purpose to achieve.

They are a lesson to us all as to what can be achieved, regardless of the obstacles ahead of us.

Mamma’s little helper

My little princess has decided to show me she is all grown up and wants to prove it, and has taken to making me cups of tea all by herself.

I am very cautious, if not over cautious with my children in the kitchen but I am aware I have to let them have a go!  We often bake cakes together or she assists me with preparation at meal times, but I am always present.  During her tea making sessions, she is independent and proud, and she certainly makes a cuppa tea as good as I would make for myself, if not better!

I am quite sure my future daughter-in-law will appreciate that I let my teenage son loose in the kitchen in his younger years as, all women appreciate a man who can help around the house, especially in the kitchen.  I will not be told I raised a lazy boy who didn’t learn how to pull his weight or be able to look after himself, because I’ve seen the proof!

Smug Face Tweety!

That’s all Folks! – until next year anyway!!

The London Notting Hill Carnival Europe’s biggest Street Party


I’ve got you covered!

Drum ’til you drop!

The Laughing Policeman

Rain didn’t stop play

Glamorous Gals!

All Shook Up!

Fantasy Fun!



It’s Carnival Time!!

It’s Carnival time!  The London Notting Hill Carnival has arrived.  Revellers will be dancing, jumping, eating, drinking, bumping and grinding on our streets once again. The funny thing is with all that fun stuff going on, right here on the lively streets of London, as usual the main focus of the media will be to concentrate on who gets pick pocketed or arrested.

We are all aware these awful crimes can happen at carnival, and at various open air gatherings, but it is so annoying that when one million plus people descend on Carnival at Notting Hlll, the media exaggerate all the negatives.


It would be fantastic if they promoted the street dancing, amazing brightly coloured costumes and show the world this is the reason people have arrived to join in the fun, and not bombard us with the fools who want to spoil the fun for others.


Mention them by all means, I am all for naming and shaming, but don’t make it the main focus of the news report.

For those of you planning on a day of dancing and jamming at Carnival enjoy a little Caribbean culture and have fun!

What time is it?

Is it me or has the weather turned so wintry today?  Have these grey skies thrust us forward in time?  Are these grey clouds and spurts of rain playing tricks on us? Because I was asked a question today I didn’t expect, not just yet anyway.  My little princess asked me “can I have Sims Deluxe for Christmas please?”  It’s amazing how the little mind works and the timescale they travel in.

I absolutely love, adore the festive period, I am the biggest kid in the house at this special time of year and mourn it when it’s all over, but it is the furthest thing from my mind at the moment.  I am still clinging onto the summer we have left.  If I have anything to do with it, I would love a family Caribbean Christmas for a change.  I’m quite sure any PC game of any description would be far from her mind if that prospect was on the cards.