A Fish Supper

I am having what’s described as a fish supper tonight.  A very traditional British meal of fish and chips, laced with lashings of malty vinegar and an unhealthy measure of salt.

We don’t have this meal very often, due to the amount of frying involved, but I am happy to indulge tonight.  I remember, as a child, the fish and chips being wrapped in newspaper, the traditional packaging, but since then we have learnt the benefits of plain paper packaging,  All the same they taste wonderful.

Party on Dude… Not!

Tonight, my teenage son is at a party with friends.  This is the time in a parent’s life when we wish we could wave a magic wand.  We went through all the rules of the Do’s and Don’ts, the speeches and the “yes mum, Yes Mum and the YES MUM!” conversations, and I still wanted the magic wand.

This night, he will be enjoying himself, laughing, dancing, jumping and making memories to tag each other in photos on Facebook.  Meanwhile, I will be sitting at home like a nervous wreck.  Biting my nails, drinking coffee and will not have a wink of sleep until he returns home, as Mothers’ do.

Upon his arrival, I will appear as relaxed and as calm as the tranquil Caribbean sea, and conduct myself as if the last few hours had never occurred.  I am looking forward to when he gets older and is all partied out and outgrown his desire for raving, which thankfully, I am lucky is not very often.

Hopefully, in the future we can sit together over a cup of tea and laugh about all the stress and anxieties I went through, of which he has never been made aware of, on these occasions.

Just as my Mum did with me, just before I became the responsible partied out adult I am today.

Beach Babe or City Chick?

I was asked recently if I plan to live the Caribbean dream and adopt Anguilla or Sint Maarten Saint Martin as the destination for my future, or do I plan to live life in the fast lane, wheeling and dealing, running my own business in the heart of the city of London.

My answer was simple!


Meet my Assistant!

Today, I did as planned and worked on my niche.  I managed to escape all distractions and set myself a task.

During this awesome bout of energy and enthusiasm, madness descended from nowhere when data I had entered into the database just disappeared, right before my eyes. Annoyed, doesn’t come close to describe how I felt at that moment.  I’m sure only dogs could hear me at that point.

Then I heard a voice from the distance, my husband.   “You dictate and I’ll re-enter the data” he said.  My knight in shining armour.  This was the only response that could make a horrible situation better.  He usually finds my schemes, niches and ideas a little wacky, but his faith in me, helped me add a little more faith in the whole project.

Guess what!  At this very moment in time he is creating a spreadsheet for me.  Brilliant!  This could only be the start of something beautiful.

Time’s Up!

I wanted to move forward and progress with my niche today, but did I get the chance?

I was constantly in demand and interrupted by the kids, husband, phone calls and door bells.  I was needed beyond my limits and didn’t know which direction to turn.

Tomorrow, I plan to take time and make good use of the hours the children are at school and make an effort to work on my niche.  This will be my time, not Mum time, Wife time, Telephonist or Concierge time.  ME time!

Of course, I could just put my feet up and have a cup of tea, couldn’t I, and  jolly well will have earned it.

They are taking over!

It appears we are losing the power in our own home.  They are taking over!   They have got taller, louder and more expensive.  They are taking over!!

You have probably already guessed, what I am talking about, of course, yes, you’re right, correct.  I’m talking about the kids.

My teenage son moans if the household does not conform to his timescale.  There has to be a debate as to when we eat, what we eat, when we watch TV, what we watch on TV and when WE go to bed.

At the other end, the Little Princess has the phone constantly glued to her ear as she sprawls across the bed, legs swinging carelessly in the air, roaring with laughter to friends from school she has played with all day, every day, only five minutes ago.

We sometimes retreat to our bedroom, but they come and find us.  As I was saying, they are taking over, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

He’s thinking too far out of the box!

Our teenage son has recently been thinking more about his education, regarding where he plans to study for his degree.

The conversations have been along the lines of attending a London based University to enable him to continue enjoying his home comforts.  Not to mention the added advantage of not paying rent and still having his clothes washed and ironed.

Months later the conversations were leaning towards the fact that he was thinking he liked the idea of having a little independence, and that he might like to stay in student accommodation in a University in one of our wonderful green English counties.

His latest idea is to study abroad.  I’m not so keen, but I know it would be a rewarding experience for him.  But I’m not ready for any amount of water between us.

I might consider a river, certainly not an ocean.