It so ain’t hot in here

We are facing a foggy cold snap in London Town at the moment, and it is very difficult for me to not moan about it.

If it were possible, I would just leave the central heating on all day, snuggle under the covers and watch Saturday night TV shows.  I can feel my bones slowly creaking. Medusa, the scary snake headed character from Clash of the Titans film springs to mind.  One of the best films ever to watch as a child, the 1981 version of course, but I think I now have a sense of what her victims went through.

Images of the beaches of Anguilla couldn’t be further removed from what we are experiencing here right now.  How unfair is that?

Yes, I am still moaning!!

Control You? …. Never!!

I’m up and about and feeling just a little better, shame the Vicks Vapour Rub still has to continue as an unfortunate companion.

My husband has been a treasure, fumbling around in the kitchen, starving himself up to the point when he has no choice but to attempt to feed himself.  His efforts were actually very tasty, even though I suffered with continuous questions such as, “how do I do this?” and “how do I do that?”  It was all worth it.

If I’m honest, I am a bit of a control freak and do like things done my way and done by ME, even though I know it’s to my benefit to be done for me.  I admit it, I know. I’m annoying!  At least I admit it, unlike most.

Now go and make me a cup of tea!

St Elsewhere

I’m what’s called under the weather today.  What a strange expression!  I’m feeling hot and cold at the same time, my head is thumping, my eyes are warm with vision changing from foggy to blurred at a moments notice.  I’m irritable and every voice in the house sounds ten times louder than it did yesterday.

I don’t feel under the weather, I feel I am slap bang in the middle of it.  Every miserable, wet, grey cold, damp, dark, windy not forgetting cloudy inch of it. The Caribbean couldn’t be shouting any louder if it tried today, much less calling!


It’s very hard coming to terms with a loved ones illness and accepting what’s best for them.  We block out things we cannot accept, as we cannot cope with the thought of them not being with us any longer.

We love them and that’s all that matters, but we must think of them and how they must be feeling.  It’s very sad and difficult and we must be brave even if we don’t want to be.  A lesson I have to learn and it is the hardest lesson, I feel, I will ever have to learn.

Friends and family preoccupied

A busy time has now passed, I hope.  I have played nurse, shoulder to cry on, audience participant, chauffeur, entrepreneur, decision maker, appeaser, ATM and of course MUM, all in the last few days.

All events were dealt with and have hopeful outcomes, I am just waiting for others to come to fruition, in my favour of course.  All in all I feel fully accomplished.

There’s only one thing for it.  Totally feet up and TV time tomorrow to make up for it all.

In my head I will be here … Caribbean calling me once again!

A Place in the Sun

I’ve been watching the new series of “A Place in the Sun” and just loving it.

I am such a sun lover, sun chaser not to mention sun worshipper!

Show Presenters

A wise man once said …

Today my husband’s ear was bent forwards, backwards and upside down.  We were all at it, asking his advice and opinion on a number of matters that concern us individually.

Lend me your ear

I was asking for his opinion on business taxation and finance, my teenage son was asking about education and future career prospects.

Not forgetting Little Princess wanting advice on the possibilities of getting the latest mobile phone.

All in all, he was in total demand, but I’m sure on the quiet he thoroughly enjoyed being the wise man of the west for the day.