The Final Chapter – Olympians and Paralympians London 2012


It’s been said a million times how wonderful the London Olympic Games 2012 have been, and it is true, it can hardly be described as anything else.

Just as wonderful as seeing the million people who lined the streets today to say Goodbye at the Athletes Parade.

Little Miss Princess had a challenge of her own this summer holiday, which she takes part in every year, called The Reading Challenge.  Held by our Local Library it encourages children to read a total of six books and review them to the Librarian.   Awards were given along the process until the final book and on completion a Gold Medal is presented to the child.  Little Miss Princess has her medal in pride of place at the head of her bed.

The atmosphere in London right now is amazing (another word that is used to constantly describe the Games) but the feeling of unity is quite tangible.

This is evident within myself when I see an Olympic Volunteer on their way to take part and do their duty, you can’t help but smile at them and almost want to shake their hand, as we are aware they are just as special in their own way.

Shake that man’s hand!

This experience will be missed, fondly remembered, never forgotten!

Our Paralympians are our Heroes

The London 2012 Paralympics have begun and it is amazing to see the strength and courage of these Olympians.

They have overcome such difficulties some beyond our imagination and compete with such purpose to achieve.

They are a lesson to us all as to what can be achieved, regardless of the obstacles ahead of us.

A budding Jess

We took our little princess to a Track and Field Event try out today.  Since our amazing and successful London 2012 Olympics, she has expressed an interest in being the next Jessica Ennis.



She had a great day and took part in all the activities, and made some new friends along the way.  She now has the option to join the Athletics Club.  It’s all positive and fitness for all ages should be encouraged.  Maybe one day you will all be cheering her along at an Olympic Park, wishing her every success, just as we are.

Farewell until Rio

I have settled and I am not to be moved, nor interrupted, as tonight is the London 2012 Sweet Success Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Looking forward to a great show and to enjoy the best of British Musical Entertainment.  I thank all Olympians and visitors from all over the world, for a fantastic games and well done to our British Heroes, we are so proud of you all.

Roll on Rio!

Sunkissed Olympic London 2012

London is shining and gleaming in more ways than one.

The sun is beaming over London Town once more and smiles are all around.

Also our fabulous British Olympians are winning gold olympic medals and wearing them with pride.

Anguilla born Shara Proctor, Team GB Olympian should be praised for all her efforts.

We are all very proud of you!

Shara Proctor

Inspirational Jessica

My little princess is quite the average kid living in London, England in the year of 2012.

She loves music, dancing, X Factor, clothes, hair, nail varnish and sweets.

Serena Williams

But something really lovely has happened, she has found a new interest, she has been inspired by our Golden Girl Olympic GOLD medallist, Jessica Ennis.

My daughter is quite sporty in her general attitude, she is taller than all but one in her class, and she is nearly at my eye level, give or take 2 to 3 inches.  Mind you, that ain’t no mean feat considering I am all of 5 feet 1 and 3/4 inches.  She loves playing in the park, riding her bike and roller blading.  She never misses a PE lesson and always tries out for the school sport teams and activities.  But she has gone one stage further, since watching our Jessica Ennis, who we all love and adore, she wants to consider a career in sport and join a sports club to one day represent a Team GB Olympic Squad of the future.

Team GB 2012

I saw a fantastic advert of Usain Bolt training, whilst running through the beautiful island of his homeland Jamaica, and stopping every now and again to admire the beauty.  Who knows, maybe one day this could be my little princess in an advert running through the beautiful island of Anguilla during one of her training sessions, admiring its beauty.

London is smiling

It’s true, there is an air of general happiness here in London at the moment. This usually happens when the sun decides to visit us for generous and noticeable periods of time.

The prolonged happiness on this occasion is obviously due to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

As Londoners are not always known as the most friendliest of city dwellers, but we are more than capable of smiling, just like any other.

Our pace of life and stressful living has a bearing on our outlook of our day-to-day existence.

It is such a lovely feeling, this feeling of harmony, it’s actually how I imagine every day life would be, living in Anguilla or Sint Maarten.  I may have this view with rose-tinted glasses, but the sunshine mellows people’s general nature, and we seem to live amongst each other more peacefully when the sun smiles at us once in a while.