Plumb Tuckered Out!

I like this american expression, it does actually sum up how I feel today.   The weather was a wash out as usual, and I am feeling particularly cold in the middle of July.

It’s these sort of days when I drift off and daydream of distant shores of the Caribbean, Anguilla at the foremost of my mind.  It’s all good, puts me in a warm place in my head.  I imagine what wonderful seafood dish I would have eaten with my family, on any number of magnificent beaches preferably, Rendezvous Bay.

After we had our fill on the freshest of exotic fruits of chilled melon and sweet papaya, we would all watch the sunset on our walk home.

Unfortunately, back to reality, I think it is a snuggle up on the sofa kind of evening, I don’t have the energy for anything else, maybe I could manage to pour the creamy custard over the sweet cinnamon apple pie waiting for me in the kitchen.  I think I missed a trick and should have conjured up a plumb pie instead, would have ended the day perfectly.