What is Pack n Dash?

I packed n dashed to St Lucia!  Where did you packndash to?St Lucia Holidaynew 002 OV


You Have Arrived at your Destination!

Long Haul….. Short Haul….. 
Romantic City or Mini Break…..
Pack ‘n’ Dash
Convenience is Luxury
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We hope you can find everything you need. Pack n Dash is focused on providing a high quality service and customer satisfaction. With a variety of travel sized toiletry products (100 ml) to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy.  All travel packs arrive complete with clear zipped accessory cases.  In addition, as a special bonus, when you purchase the ladies complete travel pack, Pack n Dash also provide our signature Pack n Dash toiletry cosmetic bag, just for you. If travelling abroad our Pack ‘n’ Dash bundle can make your trip easier as all our liquid items (100 ml) are encased into an airline approved clear pvc bag for ease of passage when checking-in at airport security.

We produce a broad range for all types of trips for men, women and children with essential personal items to suit all needs.

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Please visit our website http://www.packndash.com

Pack n Dash launching soon! 

Christmas shop hopping till you drop!!

I went Christmas shopping at the Westfield Shopping Centre for the very first time with my 10 year old Little Princess today, and what an experience!

Westfield London site photography.

Designer, exclusive and popular stores galore.  Christmas lights, decked halls and Christmas crooning all around. Champagne flutes, chocolate covered pretzels and gleaming crispy creams of my dreams. I was in my element.


I have never seen so many shops all under one roof.  It was amazing, and I’m glad to say, I’ve still got it.  My Little princess ran out of steam a long time before me.  I could have shopped, hopped and scoffed the whole day.  Those young ones, just aren’t made of the same stuff are they?

Peanuts Yawn

I think an early night is on the cards for the Little Princess tonight.  Don’t you?

It so ain’t hot in here

We are facing a foggy cold snap in London Town at the moment, and it is very difficult for me to not moan about it.

If it were possible, I would just leave the central heating on all day, snuggle under the covers and watch Saturday night TV shows.  I can feel my bones slowly creaking. Medusa, the scary snake headed character from Clash of the Titans film springs to mind.  One of the best films ever to watch as a child, the 1981 version of course, but I think I now have a sense of what her victims went through.

Images of the beaches of Anguilla couldn’t be further removed from what we are experiencing here right now.  How unfair is that?

Yes, I am still moaning!!

Picnics or Barbeques

The weather is supposed to be marvellous this weekend, so that only means one thing!  Make the most of it.

This means outdoors, open windows, sunglasses, large hats, paddling pools, chic street cafes and smart expensive convertible cars.  This is how London looks its absolute best.

Which shall it be picnic or barbeque?  Maybe we will put it to the family vote. The last two days have been wonderfully warm, bordering on Caribbean temperatures.


Maybe the question on Caribbean shores would be the same

but their added advantage would be they could go parasailing or water skiing to round the day off on a white washed crystal clear beach.

Could I be more chilled out right now!

I am so relaxed right now, totally chilled out and it feels so good.  I’ve had a lovely day with my kids and my husband, just doing family stuff all day.

We walked the dog together, played games together, and had our evening meal together.  It felt that little bit special as my son has been away recently on an activity holiday and has just returned.  The icing on that big old cake was the sun shone ALL DAY!!  ALL DAY!!  It was bliss.

If it was possible to make this day anymore perfect, the sun would have risen and set on the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla and we as a family were nestled under it.  Hopes and dreams!

I’m gonna miss him!

My teenage son is leaving tomorrow on his five day activity trip.  This trip has been postponed once as he sprained his wrist whilst skateboarding with friends.

Strange thing though, he wasn’t doing scary, gravity defying tricks at the time, he was just standing still chatting and overbalanced, how crazy is that!

I just know I am going to worry about him the whole time he will be away, and hope he will look after himself, keep warm, eat well, stay safe, don’t be too courageous, brush his teeth and change his socks, you know mumsy stuff, but above all enjoy it.

If I felt he wasn’t enjoying himself I would worry all the more.  For such young shoulders thankfully he is very sensible and very sociable, described as a young head on old shoulders.

Our family holidays are always as a unit, usually a beach holiday in the sun, which is why Anguilla or Sint Maarten Saint Martin is never far away from my mind, so it is very unusual for any of us to be apart.

I know as soon as he leaves I will just be praying and thinking about him until he gets back.