All Better Now!

I had to collect my little princess from school today as she was complaining of a stomach ache, and a high temperature was recorded when she was taken to the school medical room.

I got the call and made my way, as luck is always on my side, I put the key in the car ignition and it said “I don’t think so!!”  So I walked the 20 minutes to the school gates.   I frequently looked over my shoulder to see if a bus was approaching, then I would make a dash for the bus stop and get there a little quicker.  I am very fond of walking so this really wasn’t a problem, even though I was experiencing a light drizzle.  Interestingly enough not even one bus passed me, so thankfully I didn’t rely on it.

It all took me back to a gloriously hot holiday I once enjoyed with my family to St Lucia, a time when rain was more than welcomed.  Sun would be soothing your skin and within seconds the rain started pouring down, but the difference, it was warm rain and the sun still shining brightly in the sky, so it really didn’t matter at all.  As soon as the rain arrived it would disappear again and everywhere, would be dry once more as if the rain had never visited the beautiful island.  Happy days!!  I am yet to experience this in Anguilla or Sint Maarten/Saint Martin.  I am more than determined to.

I picked up the little princess with a big frown on her face and managed to return by bus.  She was in fairly good spirits considering, she obviously just wanted to be spoilt rotten with orange juice, cough sweets and cuddles.

I’m afraid as Mum, the rough comes with the smooth, so soon to be administered was the spicy cough mixtures, the eye watering and burning sensation of the Vicks Vapour rub, along with the early to bed rule.

That’s Mum’s rule and no, I’m not kidding!