It so ain’t hot in here

We are facing a foggy cold snap in London Town at the moment, and it is very difficult for me to not moan about it.

If it were possible, I would just leave the central heating on all day, snuggle under the covers and watch Saturday night TV shows.  I can feel my bones slowly creaking. Medusa, the scary snake headed character from Clash of the Titans film springs to mind.  One of the best films ever to watch as a child, the 1981 version of course, but I think I now have a sense of what her victims went through.

Images of the beaches of Anguilla couldn’t be further removed from what we are experiencing here right now.  How unfair is that?

Yes, I am still moaning!!

Control You? …. Never!!

I’m up and about and feeling just a little better, shame the Vicks Vapour Rub still has to continue as an unfortunate companion.

My husband has been a treasure, fumbling around in the kitchen, starving himself up to the point when he has no choice but to attempt to feed himself.  His efforts were actually very tasty, even though I suffered with continuous questions such as, “how do I do this?” and “how do I do that?”  It was all worth it.

If I’m honest, I am a bit of a control freak and do like things done my way and done by ME, even though I know it’s to my benefit to be done for me.  I admit it, I know. I’m annoying!  At least I admit it, unlike most.

Now go and make me a cup of tea!

Party on Dude… Not!

Tonight, my teenage son is at a party with friends.  This is the time in a parent’s life when we wish we could wave a magic wand.  We went through all the rules of the Do’s and Don’ts, the speeches and the “yes mum, Yes Mum and the YES MUM!” conversations, and I still wanted the magic wand.

This night, he will be enjoying himself, laughing, dancing, jumping and making memories to tag each other in photos on Facebook.  Meanwhile, I will be sitting at home like a nervous wreck.  Biting my nails, drinking coffee and will not have a wink of sleep until he returns home, as Mothers’ do.

Upon his arrival, I will appear as relaxed and as calm as the tranquil Caribbean sea, and conduct myself as if the last few hours had never occurred.  I am looking forward to when he gets older and is all partied out and outgrown his desire for raving, which thankfully, I am lucky is not very often.

Hopefully, in the future we can sit together over a cup of tea and laugh about all the stress and anxieties I went through, of which he has never been made aware of, on these occasions.

Just as my Mum did with me, just before I became the responsible partied out adult I am today.

Time’s Up!

I wanted to move forward and progress with my niche today, but did I get the chance?

I was constantly in demand and interrupted by the kids, husband, phone calls and door bells.  I was needed beyond my limits and didn’t know which direction to turn.

Tomorrow, I plan to take time and make good use of the hours the children are at school and make an effort to work on my niche.  This will be my time, not Mum time, Wife time, Telephonist or Concierge time.  ME time!

Of course, I could just put my feet up and have a cup of tea, couldn’t I, and  jolly well will have earned it.

Tea time and TV for two

There is a little nip in the air this evening, so I am going to sit and watch TV with my husband, when the kids have gone to bed.

I will make hot tea and we will enjoy chunky chocolate chip cookies.  After we have settled down and got cosy, we will then have to decide what to watch.  His choice will be something informative and historical, and my choice will be something to do with the sun and travel.  In other words polar ends as usual, and I don’t think he would want to watch Captain Corelli’s Mandolin again as a compromise.

So what do we do?  I can guarantee we will end up watching repeat episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” which is probably one of the best programmes ever.

I say probably because, Friends will always have a special place in my heart.

Either way, I am going to enjoy this evening because I will be in the best company.

Little Miss Princess Chocolate Cupcake

My Little Princess made the most adorable chocolate cupcakes today, all by herself I might add.

She was in her grown up mood and wanted to show me her capabilities without mum looking over her shoulder.  Since she has mastered making the cuppa unaided she wanted to turn it up a notch, and she certainly managed that.

They tasted absolutely lovely, I’m so glad she made a second batch.  So now there’s only one thing for it, I’ll have to let her loose again in the kitchen some time very soon.

I now think we are now living with a budding chef, and no longer a budding Jess!

Mamma’s little helper

My little princess has decided to show me she is all grown up and wants to prove it, and has taken to making me cups of tea all by herself.

I am very cautious, if not over cautious with my children in the kitchen but I am aware I have to let them have a go!  We often bake cakes together or she assists me with preparation at meal times, but I am always present.  During her tea making sessions, she is independent and proud, and she certainly makes a cuppa tea as good as I would make for myself, if not better!

I am quite sure my future daughter-in-law will appreciate that I let my teenage son loose in the kitchen in his younger years as, all women appreciate a man who can help around the house, especially in the kitchen.  I will not be told I raised a lazy boy who didn’t learn how to pull his weight or be able to look after himself, because I’ve seen the proof!

Smug Face Tweety!