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Coffee Customs

We had a cup of Cyprus Greek coffee today for the first time in a long time.

When we all lived in Cyprus for two years, this was our daily tipple at least five times a day.  Not that we were hooked on the caffeine, or we would actually even manage to drink every cup five times a day.  It was simply because of the number of visitors that would happen to pass by unexpectedly, at least five times a day, and it was customary to offer the traditional beverage.  Thankfully the measure is only a little more than the size of an egg cup.

We actually moved to Cyprus in the hope of a quieter more idyllic life, living amongst nature and the still waters.  Unknowingly, we were a family of great interest, this young family from England, living in this very Greek Cypriot little village.

Produce from my vegetable patch in Cyprus

We were very warmly welcomed, almost suffocated with affection and didn’t get any peace and quiet.  We had far more visitors popping in for coffee than I ever did living here in London.

It has been said many times over, London has a population of approximately 10 million residents,  and the Island of Cyprus has a population of just one million people, but Londoners have expressed living a very lonely existence among so many. Cyprus life, on the other hand, was the total opposite, a “Yoo!  Hoo!” at every corner. Two contrasts, two extremes, both wonderful places to live, depending on what you are looking for in life, doesn’t it?!

A typical Cyprus village

A little Cyprus meets London

We had a lovely day today the sun was shining and the weekend is expected to be a scorcher!!

After a family day out in the London sunshine, we had a lovely family pasta meal, very mediterranean, full of prawns and all the good things in life.  This was accompanied by a very large greek salad brimming with olives and feta cheese.  It felt like the good life and good times, reminders of when we lived in Cyprus, mealtimes of this kind were the norm, a daily routine.  Fresh fish, fresh fruit and my kids eating fresh goodness straight from the ground.

My lovely Cyprus vegetable patch

The plan is to have many more days like these, but possibly on a Caribbean island such as Anguilla or Sint Maarten Saint Martin.  Time will tell.

Bye bye fellow blogger!

I have been following a particular blog for a little while now, and this fellow blogger has decided to no longer blog.  This blogger actually unknowingly nurtured my interest in blogging as they travelled through destinations around the world I found interesting, and finally docked in Sint Maarten Saint Martin, a neighbouring island to Anguilla, a place close to my heart to visit.

It was an admission by the blogger the inspiration to continue was no longer there to keep going.  It was a real shame as I enjoyed reading about their family exploits and discoveries.  I envied their opportunity to just get up and go, but I can pat myself on the back, as I have done the same with my family a few years ago and moved to Cyprus.


I just feel the need to calculate the timing correctly to do this momentous upheaval again.  Another fellow blogger, two in fact, have advised me to do exactly the same thing again, and just go for it.

Unfortunately, I have grown up a little, and fear comes with age, so I am not as brave as I once was, and just a little too sensible, though I am sure the Caribbean is worth the risk.  I am so tempted. Believe me, so tempted!!!!

Park Life

We discovered a lovely park close to our home today, a park I have never visited before.  I remember when we lived in Cyprus for 2 years, my husband craved greenery and would literally search for a green sanctuary to sit and relax.  Living in London it is common place to see an abundance  of foliage due to our frequent rainfall.  It was a real need for him to see luscious trees, lawned areas, and of course, Park Life!

London Park Life

As beautiful as Cyprus is, certain areas can be very dry and arid, the summers are extremely hot, so much so they sometimes suffer from hill fires in wooded and dried grass areas, and water shortages are common.


When we had a wonderful holiday in Saint Lucia visiting my family I was very pleasantly surprised how beautiful, green and lush the gorgeous Caribbean island was, this was much to my husband’s pleasure.

Saint Lucia

I feel Sint Maarten Saint Martin has a mixed combination of the two countries contrasts, green in areas and less in others.  Anguilla has less greenery but makes up for the difference with its amazing beaches.  I have a love for each of these islands for completely different reasons, which shows I am truly an island girl at heart.

I surprised myself today

Something I didn’t expect happened today, nothing major at all, but it amused me anyway.  A little drum roll please ….. I really enjoyed my pork chop dinner today.

This news obviously doesn’t impress you, and why should it, but the reason being I am not really a great meat-eater.  More often than not, if I prepare a meal consisting of meat of any description (excluding chicken) I often replace my meat portion with fish, or half the amount on my plate or even go as far as to just pour the gravy or meat juices over the remainder of my meal.  I do love vegetables, as mentioned in a previous note, I once enjoyed a labour of love with my half acre vegetable patch in Cyprus a few years ago, and ate many of the fruits of my labour.

But today after I removed it from the oven, the smell engulfed the room and it looked so tender and juicy and I was sold.  I am not a vegetarian in the main, but on the whole I don’t really enjoy meat, but I can be tempted when visiting street markets on holidays or at Notting Hill Carnival.

The aromas wafting in the air make the taste buds tingle.

I remember a holiday visiting my family in Saint Lucia some years ago, my Dad took us to a Gros Islet Caribbean Street Party.  It was fantastic.  Dancing, music, food and colourful characters.  The street food was smoking and tasty not unlike the local participants.

I am so looking forward to tasting the barbeques and street food on offer in Anguilla.  I have seen many images of smoky delights waiting  to tempting me to taste.  In this instance, I don’t think there would be much resistance.

Stuck in the TV soap sud mud

Isn’t it strange how I didn’t miss TV of any description when we lived in Cyprus, but here in London, I feel as though I miss out on all the neighbourhood gossip in TV soap land if I forget to watch Eastenders or Coronation Street.  We would spend many evenings sitting on the balcony watching the sunset and didn’t really care what was on Cyprus TV (even though we did have some english speaking channels).  I believe it all has to do with the weather.

Cyprus enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year, so we had more of an outdoor lifestyle. The children’s school day began at 7am and ended at 1pm, so quite often afternoons were spent enjoying fun picnics at the beach.

Garden barbeques were another favourite or tending my large vegetable patch, with various fruit and olive trees, as well as feeding our farm animals which included chickens, rabbits and our lovely baby goat Lola, who would answer “baa” whenever I, and only I, called her name.

However, we did at one stage have a particularly wet winter.  This was always welcome by the locals as the summers were always hot and dry, and fears of a drought were always the hot topic of conversation.

Anyway, as I was saying, this particular winter, we craved a little comfort and watched four, yes four, of the Harry Potter films in succession, wrapped in blankets in front of the log fire.  I have to say even though I absolutely loved the hot, sunny days on the beach and the fish meze dishes at the seaside restaurants, this memory stays with me, as a warm moment in my life.  A creature comfort!!