Spuds Galore!

I made the most wonderful golden, crunchy, yet fluffy roast potatoes for dinner today.

My husband couldn’t pass them by.  He ate his portion, then stole a potato from my plate, whilst I was engaged in conversation.  If that wasn’t enough, he coaxed the Little Princess to part company with part of her portion, then polished off the gravy sodden portion on my son’s plate.

This has to be the ultimate compliment.  Believe it or not, when he finished his final mouthful he said “I don’t think I will need any snacks tonight”  I should think not!!

Lazy …. but certainly not a hazy day today

It is truly amazing how the weather deeply and directly affects me and I think the older I get the more I notice it.  When the weather is heavy with big fat lumpy grey clouds I just feel ever so sleepy and find it so hard to keep my eyes open for most of the day.

I sometimes need a blast of really revved up dance music to get the electrodes in my brain to get me going again “Calvin Harris” usually does the trick.

Calvin Harris

I’m even worse when I’m cold, I literally hibernate like a hamster, I make a point of trying not to sit and get comfy for long periods of time, it’s ridiculous.

It appears to me the wettest June since records began, is going to be followed by the wettest July if nothing changes pretty soon in old London Town.  What’s going on man?!   I’ve got a family to run.  I haven’t got time to seep. “C’mon!  Wake up woman”.  If I don’t keep my eyes open the kids will take over, and Dad is just a big  push-over, and then where will I be.  Mum rules and always will.  Who am I Kidding!!