I got the music in me

I blasted music and basted the pork joint whilst cooking the sunday dinner today.

I absolutely love music, it takes you to a place in your mind, body and soul where nobody else can take you.  Music with memories brings you to an even higher plane and a completely different time in your life.

During my days of raving and clubbing, I would have been considered a cheap date as I would dance through the night, and just get high from the massive tunes and a glass of bacardi and coke which would last me the whole night.  Sometimes just a glass of ice-cold coke did the job just as well.

My kids probably still find it amazing and amusing mum can still ‘bust-a-move’ in the kitchen and that I wasn’t always just mum.

My family ate the meal with their eyes and I am in no doubt none of them could bust-a-move afterwards, much to my pleasure.