Christmas shop hopping till you drop!!

I went Christmas shopping at the Westfield Shopping Centre for the very first time with my 10 year old Little Princess today, and what an experience!

Westfield London site photography.

Designer, exclusive and popular stores galore.  Christmas lights, decked halls and Christmas crooning all around. Champagne flutes, chocolate covered pretzels and gleaming crispy creams of my dreams. I was in my element.


I have never seen so many shops all under one roof.  It was amazing, and I’m glad to say, I’ve still got it.  My Little princess ran out of steam a long time before me.  I could have shopped, hopped and scoffed the whole day.  Those young ones, just aren’t made of the same stuff are they?

Peanuts Yawn

I think an early night is on the cards for the Little Princess tonight.  Don’t you?

He’s at it again!

I got comfy and prepared to nestle into a deep slumber, and then …. he started again!


I twist and turn

He snores!!

I poke him

He grunts … continues snoring!!

I bury my head … no use

He snores!!

I nudge him

He shouts out in tongues

I am startled

and yet, he sleeps, he snores!!

I prod him

He cries out “it’s not my fault!”

At this point – “I DON’T CARE!!!”

He continues snoring!!

I roll him over

He rolls back … and continues snoring!!

I see daylight

He continues snoring!!!

I must’ve dozed off…. I couldn’t hear him

Am I asleep?

Are we asleep??

WE are asleep … AT LAST!!!

When this situation occurs again, because I can guarantee, husband of mine, it will, it would be my dream to escape it all by opening the balcony doors, embrace the cool Anguilla sea breeze air with a glass of fruit juice and a crisp slice of juicy watermelon, and welcome the Anguilla sunrise. Knowing my luck, I will probably just be burying my head again.

Dusty Dreams

It’s amazing how horrible jobs are more bearable with a goal in mind.  Today we were covered in cobwebs, choked by dust and saw the odd spider scurrying away.  The reason you may ask, well, we were brave enough to tackle the garage for a major clear out.

This job had been put off until the summer and when the dreadful weather had improved, and that took some time to improve.  Whilst we ploughed through this awful job of lifting and heaving, one thing kept me going, and it was something my husband had said, probably unknowingly.  He said “just imagine if we were doing this packing for a new life in Anguilla.”

Those words continued to ring in my ears throughout the day and made it all worthwhile – there is a goal at the end of  all this and I will get there.  I am sure I will be more than happy to be unpacking it all again in the glorious warm Caribbean sunshine of Anguilla.  The best part would be when all the unpacking has been done, to be able to sit on a beach side verandah overlooking the caribbean sea across to Sint Maarten Saint Martin, with a cool glass of spiced rum punch, what more could I possibly want.

I’m knackered again ..

I am absolutely knackered again today, knackered I tell you.  Not for the reason you are probably thinking but because, I ventured into that room today.  You know, THAT room.  THAT room in your home, the room you ignore and try to walk pass, and you always say to yourself.  “Argh!  I’ll do it tomorrow” and you make excuses and dream of places you would rather be, in my case Anguilla in the glorious sunshine.

Aahhh! Anguilla

On that note, I’ll tell you tomorrow!!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, is only a day away!!!!!!!!!!!

I just know if I set foot in ….

It’s amazing how I look at these beautiful photos and read wonderful blogs, by knowledgable writers about the Caribbean.  I completely agree with them  (especially you, The Travelpreneur)  Nothing would make me happier than to hop on a plane right now, so tempting, ooh don’t tempt me, but family commitments hold me back, just at the moment anyway.

This blog carries you off to a dreamy place and it is written by a person who really loves Anguilla, and appears to know everything there is to know about it.

Sint Maarten Saint Martin being so close by is a perfect alternative contrast if the need for livelier entertainment takes me.  I am going to keep those wise words in my head, and add it as another reason to find my way there sooner, rather than later.  To complete my original statement, I just know if I set foot in … Anguilla, I would never leave!

My British Pastime

My husband says I always harp on about chasing the sun and dreaming of leaving his beloved England for more sandy and exotic destinations.  He also pointed out that there is something I do far more “english”, than he ever does, even though his feet are firmly planted on British soil.  Apparently, every day, whatever the temperature, come rain or shine, I constantly, throughout the day, without fail, (have I stressed this point enough) enjoy a ‘cuppa tea.’  Now I think about it, he is so right.  I enjoy copious amounts of tea and would struggle throughout the day without a cup.

I went through a phase and betrayed my beloved cuppa, and toyed with the rich aroma of the tantalizing coffee, but it just gave me a headache,

so I begged forgiveness and returned to the comforts of my cuppa.

I do believe tea definitely tastes far better in a china cup.

I am not a connoisseur of the blend.  I am not interested in drawn out conversations about the elegance and majesty of the Darjeeling, or the hues and fragrances of the fruit and herb, just the basic bag, preferably the pyramid.

So I realise, if I do ever leave the shores of Britain for the taste of the exotic, I will still hanker for the taste of the humble British teabag, now and forever!

‘er Indoors

I created a wonderful alfresco meal for my family today, but we had to eat inside for obvious reasons.

It reminded me of the lovely meals we’ve had at beachside restaurants, once upon a time, when we were living in Cyprus.  An abundance of fresh fish and sea food meze, served in the typical Greek Cypriot way of dish following dish after dish. After the first few courses which consist of salad, dips, olives, cheeses, pitta bread, next arrives sweet tasting kalamari, mussels, prawns, then locally caught fish, squid, fried octopus, you name it, and will it arrive. You get to bursting point and start thinking, “when will it stop? and “I hope this is the last course!”  It is truly an amazing eating experience.  It’s great!

I hope to be eating many sea food dishes on the island of Anguilla one day.  I have seen so many images of wonderful creations they have to offer, it’s an art form for the tasting, and I certainly will not be eating any of it indoors.  At the moment my childrens education is our upper most priority, until then I will just have to imagine how fabulous it all tastes, but I hope many holidays are on the cards, and I can tickle those taste buds whilst basking in the hot sun.  We can all dream can’t we?