My kingdom for a bed – preferably a hammock!

For some reason today, I was like a woman possessed.  Rising from my warm comfortable bed (believe it or not I still have the electric blanket in place – just in case!)  I began.  I got my little madam ready for school, and packed her off with Dad on the school run, dog in tow.  Next, I opened the freezer to decide what was best for this evenings meal and thought “Hmm! a little too much frost in there” so I made a start.  I emerged frost-bitten and wishing I hadn’t done that.  I ascended the stairs to change, on my descent I picked up a sock, left by one of the kids.  Again thought “Hmm!, I’ll must give these stairs a quick sweep”  So I made a start.  When I finally reached the bottom, I placed the sock in the laundry basket and again though “Hmm!, maybe I will just wash the whites” so I made a start.  Whilst clothes were tumbling I made a bowl cereal, when I finished,  I went to place the finished cereal box into the recycle bin in the garden.  When outside, I thought “Hmm!, the sun’s out today I could make a start on taming the bushes”, so I made a start.  After three hours of unexpected toil, I emerged with scratches and sore fingers from numerous rose thorn pricks, and certainly wishing I hadn’t done that.

I showered and changed again and went to pick up little madam from the second school run of the day.  On our return, my mind turned to preparing dinner, and then realised at the start of the of the day, when rising from my slumber, looking in the freezer for tonight’s meal, I realised didn’t actually take anything out of the freezer to defrost.  Teeth clenched!!

I caught sight of the washing machine, and realised it needed unloading.  So I   made a start.  My husband returned and it was chat, chat, chat and cuddles all round and unknowingly he said “you look like a woman possessed, why bother tonight, shall we have pizza?”.  He read my mind, so I made my final start, a beeline for the phone.