Another “Place in the Sun”

I was watching our popular TV show “A Place in the Sun – Antigua” today, hosted by our lovely Jasmine Harman, and was lost in paradise from the beginning, middle and to the edge of my seat.

Jasmine has on many occasions taken me on wonderful journeys around the Caribbean and the rest of the world, without leaving the comfort of my sofa.  To her, I shall be forever grateful because she has helped me see the possibilities are there for the taking, it just takes a little courage – A New Life and New Discoveries.

Antigua is such a beautiful place with a dreamy lifestyle.  I do have favourite Caribbean Islands, but my sights were broadened today.

Amazing views and lush green hills, plus 365 beaches to choose from, and as has often been said, one for every day of the year.  I can guarantee, I would have no trouble visiting each and every one of them. Just give me the chance.