On a Promise!

Today I was disappointed Andy Murray lost Wimbledon Championships, but for other reasons. Obviously I was behind him all the way, to be the first Brit to win the Mens Final since 1936 mastered by Sir Fred Perry.  I was promised by my husband that if Andy Murray won the final today he would whisk me off to the beautiful isle of Anguilla.  I was hopeful for us both.  Alas it was not to be on both counts.

He made a wager of this kind with me once before and he truly didn’t expect the outcome.  It was a few years ago now, and as a family pastime with my siblings and their other halves we would regularly have Sunday dinner at my Mum’s house.  After filling up on mum’s good home cooked caribbean cooking, we would all indulge in an all-nighter of TEKKEN on Playstation 2, (yes, time has moved on).

As a rule I am not usually good at these sort of games, I am the kind of player that is kicked out during the first rounds and look like I am flying an aeroplane without a co-pilot.  On this occasion, for some reason I had lasted the early rounds and was about to take on one of my brother-in-laws, who reigns supreme in arcade games.  For added suspense and general cockiness my husband thought it would be wise to spice things up, obviously hoping to see me fall flat on my face, in the nicest sence of the word.

He announced to the gathered mass “Ha! If you beat him, I will take you to New York!!”

New York is one of my favourite cities in the world.  My ears pricked up and I thought “Bring it on, baby. Bring it on!”  When my turn was up, I was like a woman demented, twists and turns, up and down, shouts and screams and that was only my opponent.  After this immense battle, I was the Victor!!

I’m Spartacus

All in the house were open mouthed in absolute shock.  How could it be, they thought “she’s rubbish at TEKKEN!” Just goes to show you.

My husband kept his promise, and it was one of my all time favourite city break holidays, and I’ll never forget.  So Andy, don’t give up, I know I won’t, just as I won’t give up trying to get to Anguilla – any way I can.