I ate with my eyes!

I enjoyed my evening meal just a little too much today, now I can hardly move and feel rather lazy.  I can only convince myself, “well, it was pasta,” therefore full of carbs and good to burn energy, but who am I kidding, I’m not moving from this sofa any time soon.  I’m rooted.  The expression, here for the duration, springs to mind.

I am regretting it now, thinking “Hmm, maybe I should not have added that extra spoonful of sauce or sprinkled that little shower of cheese,” but bet you any money, I will have a cuppa tea and biscuits before bed.  So today I did eat with my eyes, and had a really belly full.

This is where the dream factor enters into my head, because I know if I was in Anguilla at this moment,  I would grab my husband’s hand and we would go for a romantic walk beneath the swaying palm trees and watch the glorious sunsets.

Unfortunately, for me a cuppa will have to do.