St Elsewhere

I’m what’s called under the weather today.  What a strange expression!  I’m feeling hot and cold at the same time, my head is thumping, my eyes are warm with vision changing from foggy to blurred at a moments notice.  I’m irritable and every voice in the house sounds ten times louder than it did yesterday.

I don’t feel under the weather, I feel I am slap bang in the middle of it.  Every miserable, wet, grey cold, damp, dark, windy not forgetting cloudy inch of it. The Caribbean couldn’t be shouting any louder if it tried today, much less calling!

It’s only been one day ….

It’s only been one day and I can’t bear it already.  The rain has set in and plans to pour for the next four days.

Yesterday seems to have been the last of the sun, knowing my luck the last until next year.

It’s dark, dull, wet,cold and I am miserable.  I have gone beyond the reach of sensibility now regarding the weather.

Only the Caribbean will fix it.

The mood I’m in, I really don’t care if that’s being unreasonable.

I want to be there …. captivating Caribbean

You may have already guessed.

I have not snapped out of it yet.

Considering it has just started to rain here in London Town.

So I don’t mind day dreaming.

Do you blame me?

I thought not!

Room with a View

Today was a lovely sunny day in London Town, which got me thinking yet again.  I often dream of waking up in the Caribbean and today was no exception!

Breakfast Caribbean Style

Because I know in just a few months I will probably be waking up to this

instead of this!

Which do you prefer?

That time again!

Have you noticed it yet?  I certainly have and I’m doing my best to ignore it.  For example, leaving the curtains open just that little bit longer in the evening than usual, but I eventually give up because of the nosy neighbours and passers-by who grab a quick or lingering glimpse into my home.

Have you guessed what I’m on about yet?  You’ve got it!  Yes!  The nights are drawing in, and summer is on its way out.  (Well, the little we have had of it).  It is official, we have had the wettest summer in the UK for 100, YES ONE HUNDRED years.  What can I say?  What can anyone say about statistics like that!!

I love British Summer Time as the day light hours seem to last so long and ease endlessly into the night.  It is a frequent occurrence to have faded blue skies at night right up until 11pm.  It’s as if the sun refuses to set.  It’s fantastic!

Alas, this is soon to end as the nights are definitely creeping in quicker and quicker, day by day.  Once again, regretfully the clocks will go back in time to mark the official end of British Summer Time, and once again the kids will be coming home from school in near darkness.  SIGH!  How lovely.  SIGH!

Now, there is only one thing for it, we will just have to start looking forward to Christmas to compensate, and for me it won’t be too hard, trust me!

Desperate for a little sun

When is this gloomy weather going to end?  It’s so ridiculous.  We all know UK weather is never going to be great, but we have had rain every single day for as long as I can remember.  Afterall, it is July!!!  Surely we can expect a little sunshine by now, I know it’s nature, but it almost feels unfair.

Weather for London, UK

22°C | °F Tue Wed Thu Fri
Chance of Rain Chance of Rain Chance of Storms Chance of Rain
Scattered Clouds
Wind: SW at 14 mph

All I can do is dream of a better place, in fact my favourite place, Anguilla, and envy all of you who are out there right now sunning yourselves.  I am totally preoccupied about getting myself out there one way or another, but commitments come first.

I will get there and I can’t wait to see my kids play in the powder white sand, and watch my husband float aimlessly on the crystal clear shallow waters, then hop on a water taxi across the waters to colourful Sint Maarten Saint Martin for a quick shopping trip.  What a wonderful day that would be.

The more I dream it, the more I know the feeling in my stomach will get me there to live it.