A wise man once said …

Today my husband’s ear was bent forwards, backwards and upside down.  We were all at it, asking his advice and opinion on a number of matters that concern us individually.

Lend me your ear

I was asking for his opinion on business taxation and finance, my teenage son was asking about education and future career prospects.

Not forgetting Little Princess wanting advice on the possibilities of getting the latest mobile phone.

All in all, he was in total demand, but I’m sure on the quiet he thoroughly enjoyed being the wise man of the west for the day.

Time’s Up!

I wanted to move forward and progress with my niche today, but did I get the chance?

I was constantly in demand and interrupted by the kids, husband, phone calls and door bells.  I was needed beyond my limits and didn’t know which direction to turn.

Tomorrow, I plan to take time and make good use of the hours the children are at school and make an effort to work on my niche.  This will be my time, not Mum time, Wife time, Telephonist or Concierge time.  ME time!

Of course, I could just put my feet up and have a cup of tea, couldn’t I, and  jolly well will have earned it.

They are taking over!

It appears we are losing the power in our own home.  They are taking over!   They have got taller, louder and more expensive.  They are taking over!!

You have probably already guessed, what I am talking about, of course, yes, you’re right, correct.  I’m talking about the kids.

My teenage son moans if the household does not conform to his timescale.  There has to be a debate as to when we eat, what we eat, when we watch TV, what we watch on TV and when WE go to bed.

At the other end, the Little Princess has the phone constantly glued to her ear as she sprawls across the bed, legs swinging carelessly in the air, roaring with laughter to friends from school she has played with all day, every day, only five minutes ago.

We sometimes retreat to our bedroom, but they come and find us.  As I was saying, they are taking over, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

He’s thinking too far out of the box!

Our teenage son has recently been thinking more about his education, regarding where he plans to study for his degree.

The conversations have been along the lines of attending a London based University to enable him to continue enjoying his home comforts.  Not to mention the added advantage of not paying rent and still having his clothes washed and ironed.

Months later the conversations were leaning towards the fact that he was thinking he liked the idea of having a little independence, and that he might like to stay in student accommodation in a University in one of our wonderful green English counties.

His latest idea is to study abroad.  I’m not so keen, but I know it would be a rewarding experience for him.  But I’m not ready for any amount of water between us.

I might consider a river, certainly not an ocean.

Caribbean Dreaming

I am in that place today.  It’s a place I go in my head when I just don’t have any energy, but only enough energy to worry or think about what is important to me, or what I’m trying to achieve.

My mindset is where I don’t want to think about anything more important than if the sun comes out, and that place is Caribbean Dreaming.

It is such a lovely place to be, but I really don’t feel like doing anything when I’m there.

Tomorrow, I will wake up and the feeling will have gone (I hope so anyway otherwise, I won’t get anything done) I will be back into school run mum mode, once again rubbing shoulders with pack lunch mums doing as I do, this will bring me back to earth with a huge bump.  No doubt!

Hello to Old Friends

Today we ventured into that room again, and retrieved memorable items we have not seen for some time.

I found my crockery from shops that are no longer in business, so we could never replace these items if they were ever damaged.  I handled them like buried treasure, fearing to crack or chip any of them as we have had many fond family meals using this dinner set.

Photos of family members we haven’t seen for some time, who hardly resemble themselves today.  Old large heavy dusty books which my husband purchased such a long time ago, he smiled at them like greeting old friends when they resurfaced.

He will have his nose buried in them for a while, probably for as long as he hasn’t seen them.

I found diaries I wrote during our early days when we first started dating, it is very embarrassing to read them now, “such a teenager!” as my daughter would say.

I also found my many handbags like most women have a weakness for.  I certainly had far more than I needed, I used to collect them like stamps.  My Little Princess is also showing the same signs, except her biggest advantage is my bedroom, which she treats as her private boutique where she can charge everything to her personal account @mumsbedroom.com.

Back to School!!!!!!!

My children returned to school and 6th Form after the six week summer holidays. They both looked forward to their new beginnings in totally different ways.

My teenage son is of the idea that he will buckle down and get the best grades possible, to complete his A’ Level education in order to move on to a University of his choosing, to pursue a career of his choice.  A get it over with attitude.

My Little Princess on the other hand, described the exact hairstyle she wanted with matching accessories, made sure her school bag and pencil case matched with sharpened pencils, and ensured her shoes were shiny enough she could see her teeth in them.  Oh!  To be 10 again.  Glad to see she has got her priorities right.

That’s my girl!