Wake up, wake up … we’re leaving!

Yesterday, I enjoyed a chat with a fellow Twitterer @CupecoyStMartin (the only place I want to be right now) telling me “It’s time to wake up and get on” after the beautiful festive season.  How right they were!


Cupecoy Beach Club

I was getting lazy and rooted to the spot, and just a little too comfortable in my nest. The weather is awful outside, and my mind is wandering as usual to the sunnier climbs of the Caribbean.

Christmas lights in the rain

I always need the sun to motivate me to do anything, and I mean anything.

Wet Wet Christmas

It’s twice as hard because the sun seems to have no intention of visiting us here in London any time soon.

Wet Christmas  Lights

So here I am, doing as I’m told and putting fingers to keyboard and saying bye-bye this wonderful festive season and preparing to remove all the twinkling Christmas decorations and saying, Hi! to this fabulous New Year to come.

Christmas Lights

The Caribbean is still calling – I hear it loud and clear!

Anguilla…my work in progress

I must stop this day dreaming and concentrate!

I just keep dreaming of what it would be like to live on the beautiful island of Anguilla.

This place looks amazing, a Caribbean paradise on earth.

I use this method of day dreaming as an inspiration and motivation for my business to get me there one day, but sometimes it just takes over and work doesn’t get done. Instead, I just plough through the internet browsing amazing images of this beautiful island and its beautiful people.

Well, with pen in hand now,  I better get on with my business plan work, or maybe, surf just a little more.  I did say I needed the motivation!

Party on Dude… Not!

Tonight, my teenage son is at a party with friends.  This is the time in a parent’s life when we wish we could wave a magic wand.  We went through all the rules of the Do’s and Don’ts, the speeches and the “yes mum, Yes Mum and the YES MUM!” conversations, and I still wanted the magic wand.

This night, he will be enjoying himself, laughing, dancing, jumping and making memories to tag each other in photos on Facebook.  Meanwhile, I will be sitting at home like a nervous wreck.  Biting my nails, drinking coffee and will not have a wink of sleep until he returns home, as Mothers’ do.

Upon his arrival, I will appear as relaxed and as calm as the tranquil Caribbean sea, and conduct myself as if the last few hours had never occurred.  I am looking forward to when he gets older and is all partied out and outgrown his desire for raving, which thankfully, I am lucky is not very often.

Hopefully, in the future we can sit together over a cup of tea and laugh about all the stress and anxieties I went through, of which he has never been made aware of, on these occasions.

Just as my Mum did with me, just before I became the responsible partied out adult I am today.

Another “Place in the Sun”

I was watching our popular TV show “A Place in the Sun – Antigua” today, hosted by our lovely Jasmine Harman, and was lost in paradise from the beginning, middle and to the edge of my seat.

Jasmine has on many occasions taken me on wonderful journeys around the Caribbean and the rest of the world, without leaving the comfort of my sofa.  To her, I shall be forever grateful because she has helped me see the possibilities are there for the taking, it just takes a little courage – A New Life and New Discoveries.

Antigua is such a beautiful place with a dreamy lifestyle.  I do have favourite Caribbean Islands, but my sights were broadened today.

Amazing views and lush green hills, plus 365 beaches to choose from, and as has often been said, one for every day of the year.  I can guarantee, I would have no trouble visiting each and every one of them. Just give me the chance.

Splish Splosh Splash

Watching my kids splashing about in the local swimming pool today, brought back a few fond memories of lovely family holidays gone by, and thought how I would love to see them splashing about in the Caribbean sea.

As I aimlessly browsed through images of the Caribbean on the web, the more I browsed the more I thought to myself, WOW! aren’t they lucky, I want to be doing that right now.

There were pictures of cool and funky beach bars painted with the most vibrant colours, people swimming in the crystal clear sea and others sunbathing under the hot sun.  I too have had these fun times in the Caribbean sunshine, in Saint Lucia, and it was amazing.  I am just not doing it right now.

I have been told several times that patience is a virtue, I know it is, I’m just not very good at it.

Anguilla and Sint Maarten Saint Martin will be my first port of call , when this patience runs out, and it will!

He’s at it again!

I got comfy and prepared to nestle into a deep slumber, and then …. he started again!


I twist and turn

He snores!!

I poke him

He grunts … continues snoring!!

I bury my head … no use

He snores!!

I nudge him

He shouts out in tongues

I am startled

and yet, he sleeps, he snores!!

I prod him

He cries out “it’s not my fault!”

At this point – “I DON’T CARE!!!”

He continues snoring!!

I roll him over

He rolls back … and continues snoring!!

I see daylight

He continues snoring!!!

I must’ve dozed off…. I couldn’t hear him

Am I asleep?

Are we asleep??

WE are asleep … AT LAST!!!

When this situation occurs again, because I can guarantee, husband of mine, it will, it would be my dream to escape it all by opening the balcony doors, embrace the cool Anguilla sea breeze air with a glass of fruit juice and a crisp slice of juicy watermelon, and welcome the Anguilla sunrise. Knowing my luck, I will probably just be burying my head again.

Dusty Dreams

It’s amazing how horrible jobs are more bearable with a goal in mind.  Today we were covered in cobwebs, choked by dust and saw the odd spider scurrying away.  The reason you may ask, well, we were brave enough to tackle the garage for a major clear out.

This job had been put off until the summer and when the dreadful weather had improved, and that took some time to improve.  Whilst we ploughed through this awful job of lifting and heaving, one thing kept me going, and it was something my husband had said, probably unknowingly.  He said “just imagine if we were doing this packing for a new life in Anguilla.”

Those words continued to ring in my ears throughout the day and made it all worthwhile – there is a goal at the end of  all this and I will get there.  I am sure I will be more than happy to be unpacking it all again in the glorious warm Caribbean sunshine of Anguilla.  The best part would be when all the unpacking has been done, to be able to sit on a beach side verandah overlooking the caribbean sea across to Sint Maarten Saint Martin, with a cool glass of spiced rum punch, what more could I possibly want.