Control You? …. Never!!

I’m up and about and feeling just a little better, shame the Vicks Vapour Rub still has to continue as an unfortunate companion.

My husband has been a treasure, fumbling around in the kitchen, starving himself up to the point when he has no choice but to attempt to feed himself.  His efforts were actually very tasty, even though I suffered with continuous questions such as, “how do I do this?” and “how do I do that?”  It was all worth it.

If I’m honest, I am a bit of a control freak and do like things done my way and done by ME, even though I know it’s to my benefit to be done for me.  I admit it, I know. I’m annoying!  At least I admit it, unlike most.

Now go and make me a cup of tea!

A chinese meal for me

I am going to be treated to a chinese meal tonight.  I love chinese food!  So many flavours, colours and textures.  What more do you need?

Nobody loves chinese food more than my husband though.  It is the only time you can guarantee absolute silence from him.  He is always in a good mood at these times, it’s usually a good time to ask him for things I want too, with little or no objection.  So I am going to start making a list of my desires in preparation to butter him up!!

Ps. for the sake of health and safety, and the prospect of a chinese meal on the horizon, I think I will have to bypass the lemon cake for now.  I’m sure you will agree, though the craving still persists – I still want some!!!!!

A Fish Supper

I am having what’s described as a fish supper tonight.  A very traditional British meal of fish and chips, laced with lashings of malty vinegar and an unhealthy measure of salt.

We don’t have this meal very often, due to the amount of frying involved, but I am happy to indulge tonight.  I remember, as a child, the fish and chips being wrapped in newspaper, the traditional packaging, but since then we have learnt the benefits of plain paper packaging,  All the same they taste wonderful.

Plumb Tuckered Out!

I like this american expression, it does actually sum up how I feel today.   The weather was a wash out as usual, and I am feeling particularly cold in the middle of July.

It’s these sort of days when I drift off and daydream of distant shores of the Caribbean, Anguilla at the foremost of my mind.  It’s all good, puts me in a warm place in my head.  I imagine what wonderful seafood dish I would have eaten with my family, on any number of magnificent beaches preferably, Rendezvous Bay.

After we had our fill on the freshest of exotic fruits of chilled melon and sweet papaya, we would all watch the sunset on our walk home.

Unfortunately, back to reality, I think it is a snuggle up on the sofa kind of evening, I don’t have the energy for anything else, maybe I could manage to pour the creamy custard over the sweet cinnamon apple pie waiting for me in the kitchen.  I think I missed a trick and should have conjured up a plumb pie instead, would have ended the day perfectly.

Husband = Fish (I did the math)

My husband can only be described as a ‘fish.’ If true to be told, I am sure he would rather live in the sea.  Every now and again I have to check he hasn’t grown gills.

To top it all, his favourite meal is seafood.  His best day would probably be just eating seafood, floating on a lilo in the sea.

When we got married, some time ago now, I arranged the honeymoon with an added surprise for him.

A villa in Portugal with a private swimming pool.  After a blissful totally memorable wedding day with 500 guests, and a couple of luxurious nights at the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch, London West End, we set off on our long-awaited, much-needed honeymoon.

Upon arrival, the taxi driver parked outside the villa and began to unload our luggage.  My husband emerged from the taxi and squinted in the glorious bright sunshine at the villa and said “Is this ours?” staring at the pool. “Yes!” I replied “all ours”.  Before I had even finished the sentence, he was racing down the path, and burst open the door.  Meanwhile, myself and Mr Helpful Taxi Man lugged the suitcases up the path.  Husband of two days, grabbed a suitcase chattering and singing away to himself and within seconds, he changed into his beach wear and was airborne, dive bombing into the secluded, utterly private pool, entirely to ourselves.

I am in absolutely no doubt that if that opportunity were to arise again, but this time on the shores of Anguilla, history will surely repeat itself.

‘er Indoors

I created a wonderful alfresco meal for my family today, but we had to eat inside for obvious reasons.

It reminded me of the lovely meals we’ve had at beachside restaurants, once upon a time, when we were living in Cyprus.  An abundance of fresh fish and sea food meze, served in the typical Greek Cypriot way of dish following dish after dish. After the first few courses which consist of salad, dips, olives, cheeses, pitta bread, next arrives sweet tasting kalamari, mussels, prawns, then locally caught fish, squid, fried octopus, you name it, and will it arrive. You get to bursting point and start thinking, “when will it stop? and “I hope this is the last course!”  It is truly an amazing eating experience.  It’s great!

I hope to be eating many sea food dishes on the island of Anguilla one day.  I have seen so many images of wonderful creations they have to offer, it’s an art form for the tasting, and I certainly will not be eating any of it indoors.  At the moment my childrens education is our upper most priority, until then I will just have to imagine how fabulous it all tastes, but I hope many holidays are on the cards, and I can tickle those taste buds whilst basking in the hot sun.  We can all dream can’t we?