Mommy Dearest

My teenage son is not feeling very well today and suddenly I am a VIP.

Is this really the same teenage son who was so grown up and mature who went partying at the weekend, and his worrying parents were ruining his street cred.  Surely not, because now this teenage son wants Mummy Dearest to attend to his every ailment and mop his brow, and basically treat him as the little man I once had some years ago.

As mothers’ we put up with it all and don’t make a fuss, but rest assured, I will remind him of this day, the very next time he wants to go the next party he gets invited to.  As his mother it’s my duty, don’t you think?

Party on Dude… Not!

Tonight, my teenage son is at a party with friends.  This is the time in a parent’s life when we wish we could wave a magic wand.  We went through all the rules of the Do’s and Don’ts, the speeches and the “yes mum, Yes Mum and the YES MUM!” conversations, and I still wanted the magic wand.

This night, he will be enjoying himself, laughing, dancing, jumping and making memories to tag each other in photos on Facebook.  Meanwhile, I will be sitting at home like a nervous wreck.  Biting my nails, drinking coffee and will not have a wink of sleep until he returns home, as Mothers’ do.

Upon his arrival, I will appear as relaxed and as calm as the tranquil Caribbean sea, and conduct myself as if the last few hours had never occurred.  I am looking forward to when he gets older and is all partied out and outgrown his desire for raving, which thankfully, I am lucky is not very often.

Hopefully, in the future we can sit together over a cup of tea and laugh about all the stress and anxieties I went through, of which he has never been made aware of, on these occasions.

Just as my Mum did with me, just before I became the responsible partied out adult I am today.

That’s all Folks! – until next year anyway!!

The London Notting Hill Carnival Europe’s biggest Street Party


I’ve got you covered!

Drum ’til you drop!

The Laughing Policeman

Rain didn’t stop play

Glamorous Gals!

All Shook Up!

Fantasy Fun!



I surprised myself today

Something I didn’t expect happened today, nothing major at all, but it amused me anyway.  A little drum roll please ….. I really enjoyed my pork chop dinner today.

This news obviously doesn’t impress you, and why should it, but the reason being I am not really a great meat-eater.  More often than not, if I prepare a meal consisting of meat of any description (excluding chicken) I often replace my meat portion with fish, or half the amount on my plate or even go as far as to just pour the gravy or meat juices over the remainder of my meal.  I do love vegetables, as mentioned in a previous note, I once enjoyed a labour of love with my half acre vegetable patch in Cyprus a few years ago, and ate many of the fruits of my labour.

But today after I removed it from the oven, the smell engulfed the room and it looked so tender and juicy and I was sold.  I am not a vegetarian in the main, but on the whole I don’t really enjoy meat, but I can be tempted when visiting street markets on holidays or at Notting Hill Carnival.

The aromas wafting in the air make the taste buds tingle.

I remember a holiday visiting my family in Saint Lucia some years ago, my Dad took us to a Gros Islet Caribbean Street Party.  It was fantastic.  Dancing, music, food and colourful characters.  The street food was smoking and tasty not unlike the local participants.

I am so looking forward to tasting the barbeques and street food on offer in Anguilla.  I have seen many images of smoky delights waiting  to tempting me to taste.  In this instance, I don’t think there would be much resistance.