Like I said …… !!!!!

What’s Going On?

Snow Rothwell Leeds

My London Town

This time last year I was enjoying the sun in the beautiful lush green parks of London, playing with the kids and strolling hand in hand with my husband.

Need I say more!!

Wake up, wake up … we’re leaving!

Yesterday, I enjoyed a chat with a fellow Twitterer @CupecoyStMartin (the only place I want to be right now) telling me “It’s time to wake up and get on” after the beautiful festive season.  How right they were!


Cupecoy Beach Club

I was getting lazy and rooted to the spot, and just a little too comfortable in my nest. The weather is awful outside, and my mind is wandering as usual to the sunnier climbs of the Caribbean.

Christmas lights in the rain

I always need the sun to motivate me to do anything, and I mean anything.

Wet Wet Christmas

It’s twice as hard because the sun seems to have no intention of visiting us here in London any time soon.

Wet Christmas  Lights

So here I am, doing as I’m told and putting fingers to keyboard and saying bye-bye this wonderful festive season and preparing to remove all the twinkling Christmas decorations and saying, Hi! to this fabulous New Year to come.

Christmas Lights

The Caribbean is still calling – I hear it loud and clear!

Friends and family preoccupied

A busy time has now passed, I hope.  I have played nurse, shoulder to cry on, audience participant, chauffeur, entrepreneur, decision maker, appeaser, ATM and of course MUM, all in the last few days.

All events were dealt with and have hopeful outcomes, I am just waiting for others to come to fruition, in my favour of course.  All in all I feel fully accomplished.

There’s only one thing for it.  Totally feet up and TV time tomorrow to make up for it all.

In my head I will be here … Caribbean calling me once again!


I just couldn’t sleep last night, tossing and turning, tossing and turning and for once it had nothing to do with my husband’s snoring. It was all due to this intense heat we are experiencing here in the London at the moment.

It’s amazing how much we sun worship and long for the sun to pay us a visit as often as possible, but it is quite an experience to be suffering the same temperatures during the day light hours into the night.

I will bite my tongue  though and I will not complain, never!

  As sunshine and warm temperatures are a rarity in London, so I will always be grateful, although a little uncomfortable, but it’s all worth it!

Yummy Tummy!

A lovely afternoon was had by all today.  Once again, London basked, though it was touch and go in the morning, and we had a family lunch in a lovely local restaurant.

We enjoyed succulent tasty chicken, light flavoured and beautifully moist, which was followed by the most luxurious, creamy, caramel cheesecake I have ever tasted.  I am so glad I ordered the salad as a side dish, and didn’t succumb to eating any fries, to indulge and enjoy total guilt free bliss whilst eating every morsel of cheesecake heaven.

What a scorcher!!

London is hot!  Today we reached a record breaking temperature of  31.7 degrees. The hottest day of the year and there’s even more to come tomorrow.  It’s fantastic and all are in good spirits because of it.

London is basking once more.

We all plan to enjoy

these Caribbean temperatures

on our British beaches!