Wake up call!

It’s only been a few days and I’m already suffering the effects of the early mornings again.  Waking up at the crack of dawn and making sure the kids are fed, watered and dressed and out the door in time for school.

It seems to be getting harder and harder to lift my head out of that warm bed to begin the day.  In my opinion the kids are doing a lot better than I imagined after a six week summer break.  They seem to have a little spring in their step in comparison to me.

I have a suspicious feeling if I had half a chance to be waking up on the beautiful island of Anguilla, I would be the last to bed after the sunset and the first to rise with the sun.  School runs just wouldn’t be the same.  I would probably even look forward to them. Imagine that!

That time again!

Have you noticed it yet?  I certainly have and I’m doing my best to ignore it.  For example, leaving the curtains open just that little bit longer in the evening than usual, but I eventually give up because of the nosy neighbours and passers-by who grab a quick or lingering glimpse into my home.

Have you guessed what I’m on about yet?  You’ve got it!  Yes!  The nights are drawing in, and summer is on its way out.  (Well, the little we have had of it).  It is official, we have had the wettest summer in the UK for 100, YES ONE HUNDRED years.  What can I say?  What can anyone say about statistics like that!!

I love British Summer Time as the day light hours seem to last so long and ease endlessly into the night.  It is a frequent occurrence to have faded blue skies at night right up until 11pm.  It’s as if the sun refuses to set.  It’s fantastic!

Alas, this is soon to end as the nights are definitely creeping in quicker and quicker, day by day.  Once again, regretfully the clocks will go back in time to mark the official end of British Summer Time, and once again the kids will be coming home from school in near darkness.  SIGH!  How lovely.  SIGH!

Now, there is only one thing for it, we will just have to start looking forward to Christmas to compensate, and for me it won’t be too hard, trust me!

Could I be more chilled out right now!

I am so relaxed right now, totally chilled out and it feels so good.  I’ve had a lovely day with my kids and my husband, just doing family stuff all day.

We walked the dog together, played games together, and had our evening meal together.  It felt that little bit special as my son has been away recently on an activity holiday and has just returned.  The icing on that big old cake was the sun shone ALL DAY!!  ALL DAY!!  It was bliss.

If it was possible to make this day anymore perfect, the sun would have risen and set on the beautiful Caribbean island of Anguilla and we as a family were nestled under it.  Hopes and dreams!

I need a holiday …. Anguilla calling!

My husband needs a holiday.  It does sound very strange to me, because I am always the one who needs the holiday first.  ALWAYS!

I am always the one who moans about the lack of sun.  The one who needs the warmth of the sun on my skin.

The one who dreams of watching the kids swim in the sea.

The one who wants to eat a romantic evening meal at a beach front restaurant.  The one who wants to watch sunsets while sipping spicy rum punch on a balcony with a view.

The one who wants to go on midnight walks in the warm night air.  ALWAYS!!  So I could use this to my advantage.  When I casually suggest “Oooh!  I really need a holiday” my husband is usually the one who tries to convince me, that the weather will be fine, just wait a day or two.

The one who says we must watch the budget type conversation.  The one who says we could do trips around the UK.  I try to listen to reason, but I just don’t hear it knocking.

Anguilla feels a tiny step nearer, maybe I am nearing the edge of my desire.  But this time it’s not my suggestion, is it?

I ate with my eyes!

I enjoyed my evening meal just a little too much today, now I can hardly move and feel rather lazy.  I can only convince myself, “well, it was pasta,” therefore full of carbs and good to burn energy, but who am I kidding, I’m not moving from this sofa any time soon.  I’m rooted.  The expression, here for the duration, springs to mind.

I am regretting it now, thinking “Hmm, maybe I should not have added that extra spoonful of sauce or sprinkled that little shower of cheese,” but bet you any money, I will have a cuppa tea and biscuits before bed.  So today I did eat with my eyes, and had a really belly full.

This is where the dream factor enters into my head, because I know if I was in Anguilla at this moment,  I would grab my husband’s hand and we would go for a romantic walk beneath the swaying palm trees and watch the glorious sunsets.

Unfortunately, for me a cuppa will have to do.